It All Started With the Flashy Lights…

We lived on a section of road in the once small town of Hamburg, NY that was known for car wrecks. It was a two lane curve that went along the golf course, by some really big fancy houses, which ours was not one of, that came down a nice hill out of the village, and by a huge pond across the street from our house. The hill, curve and relatively decent road was conducive to people exceeding the speed limit, and rolling over, and otherwise crashing in the vicinity of our front yard.

I can remember from at least age ten calling 911 at least annually to report a wreck in front of our house that involved fire, EMS and police response. Then going out into the roadway to tend to the victims until the appropriate first responders arrived on scene.

I was about 13 when a friend of my father’s rolled his one-ton pickup over out front and I rushed to the phone once again, with a little more urgency this time, as it was Daddy’s friend in there and he was hurt badly. There was another car involved too, and she didn’t look so hot either. I was little, so Daddy had me shimmy in the busted truck to check on his friend. He was awake, so we just talked while we waited for the Fire Department to arrive. Boy, were they mad when they found me up in there… I didn’t know then what I know now.

I got my ass chapped pretty good by the fireman, and so did Daddy. Daddy pretty much told em to go pound sand, but I got relegated to the role of bystander after that. They cut both people out the cars, and alnded two helicopters in my yard. Yes, I had a big yard. It took hours for the wreck to get cleared and the road to get reopened, but it didn’t take long to get the victims out, in the birds and on their way to the local trauma center. Both of them survived.

That day planted a seed in my mind. All the lights, sirens, helicopters, tools, noise, and chaos was taken in by an impressionable teenager. That teenager took a first aid course in 11th grade, and an EMT class in 12th grade, and took her EMT test in January of 1997.

Boom. NYS EMT #223004 was hatched. I still hold my NY cert because NY keeps recertifying me despite the fact I moved away seven years ago. I got my NY AEMT-I and started stabbing people for fun in 1999. I became Paramedic Levitsky in 2002, shortly before I married a man 32 years my senior. I met that guy working EMS and security at an industrial plant. He’s pretty cool. He got me a horse a few dogs, a house and a big ass truck. More on him to come, I promise.

Funny story. I’m STILL married to that poor guy. It’ll be 20 years this August. I hold Paramedic certifications in 2 states, technically 3, and a National Registry Certificate. And a whole bunch of Technical Rescue shit. Aside from the marriage, all of that stuff and a $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee at the Quiktrip.

But seriously, who knew that the wreck that happened all those years ago would have such a profound impact on my life, that to this day, I can recall in almost perfect detail every part of it. Shit, I can’t remember whay I did yesterday. I can see faces, feel the wind from rotor wash, the crunch of the debris under my feet, the reflection of the lights, and the sounds of the all the apparatus lining the roadway surrounding the incident.

That wreck, that destruction, created a new provider.


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